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    • ***Please submit your abstract/full-text paper using the formatting of the templates on the left. 
  • • All abstracts or full papers should be submitted to ONLINE SUBMISSION SYSTEM.
  • • To complete the registration process, please fill in  THE REGISTRATION FORM.
  • • Each participant must fill out the registration form.
  • • The registration form must be sent by e-mail with attachments (Bank receipt) to complete the registration process (register@biotechbiochem.org).
  • • Authors can submit a maximum of 2 papers (as abstracts or full-text) and Presentation combinations can be 1 oral ; 1 poster ; 1 oral + 1 poster ; 2 oral; 2 poster.
  • • Abstracts / full papers can be submitted and presented in Turkish or English languages.
  • • The conference languages are Turkish and English.
  • • Word documents as doc or docx are the acceptable file formats.
  • • The Word File name should be written as Name_Surname of Author (For example, Ayse_Koc)

Poster Presentation
  • • Poster dimension is 50 x 70 cm (50 cm wide and 70 cm height).
  • • Spelling rules can be done according to the author's own preferences.
  • • Please download the BioTechBioChem LOGO to use on the poster.

Abstract / Full Paper Templates


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